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Joyous Easter


Wishing you all a joyous Easter. The above is a design I created to fulfill a request of one of my readers.  It is design from a statue of Jesus by Bertel Thorvaldsen completed in  1838.  The original is in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Copies of the statue are at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Berlin, Germany.  The cheater panel is turn-edged appliqued and surface stitched to create the detailed quilting look.  This “cheater” is printed as one whole cloth piece.   It LOOKS pieced and looks even more so with the top stitching on the seam.   You can buy that directly from me at
It is for a panel 36″ tall and will have two figures on it.    And will cost you about $22 if you order it as Kona cotton.    It will take about two weeks to arrive.


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