Antique Car Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

Chets Car color ways 2 Peggy Aare

It’s not a July outing without a few old cars!   Enjoy making this paper piecing project for someone you know.  Jazz up the colors or leave it in original condition; make a wall hanging or add borders and you’ve got a perfect picnic blanket.  Although this is an actual car from the collection of a wonderful community member, Chet Krause, my intent is for it to bring forth those memories we all have of a slightly slower paced time.  (Though you may not know it, Chet Krause started the publishing company that is now part of F&W Publishing, well known to the quilting community.. Read the above link; you’ll wish you had known Chet.)

Chets Car quilt Peggy Aare

July for me is all about parades, old cars, and old farm machinery.  It comes with the territory: rural Wisconsin.   And I cannot think of old cars without  the  Iola Old Car Show   The town of 1200 people hosts one of the largest old car shows in the Midwest and people from all around put in a huge amount of volunteer time to manage the 100,000+ people that pour into the show.

Download Chet’s Car 27″ x 27″ pattern for $8.   You will get:  a color chart for the 8 colors, a one-page line drawing to color yourself and use as a guide (or resize to suit your needs), a piecing sequence diagram, and 11 pages that you can print on 8-1/2″ x 11 freezer paper that have the piecing sections all ready to go with 1/4″ seams all around, and a full size line drawing on six pages.  There’s even a little text this time !  Plus cutting instructions for the borders to make a 60″ x 60″ quilt.  The piecing is simple at this large size.  There is a little bit of applique — the headlights and medallion that you sew on  after the project is all assembled.    The color chart suggestions are all in designated Kona Cottons for the colors shown above.. making ordering online a breeze.

Do give it a try. As always,  I’m just an email away if you have questions or need more instructions.  Email:

For the folded freezer paper technique I prefer, review these two posts: preparing freezer paper, and adding fabric.Chet Krause Car contrast strip

Helicopter paper pieced pattern

Helicopter Paperpiecingheartland_at_gmail

Custom projects are a delight!   K.D. asked me to design a helicopter for the pillow pocket of a quillo which would have an old military flight suit as part of the fabric.  She said this was her 2nd quilt and the first that involved paper piecing….   and she did it within her deadline.   I’m impressed, K.D.  As requested here’s the pattern.  As in most of these downloads, you will get a link to download  the pattern design, a line drawing (6 pages),  an exploded view to help you piece in the correct sequence, and  pages of paper piecing blocks with seam allowances which work well printed on freezer paper (9 pages, in this case).

I’m always available if you get stuck.  Just write me at

Spring, oh spring

Umbrella curves

Spring hasn’t come yet where I am, but she’s trying.    This umbrella gal is so sweet.  The design is after an illustration by Jessie Willcox Smith for a magazine cover in 1922.  I meant it just for fun to play with the lines.  I love the curves and can really feel the wind and rain.     Hope you are all looking forward to the change of season where ever you are.

Click to order the simple line drawing pattern, one page drawing, and 9 pages to make a 19″ x 24″ project  —Peggy

Surface Stitching a Cheater

20150319-TheClearingFour-DSC07912 sm

I was delighted to contribute this wall hanging to The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin for their annual fundraiser.   I spent a week there taking a watercolor class that has greatly influenced my quilting.  Though I did make quilting patterns of the iconic buildings and views, this is actually a “cheater” — with the pieces printed on a wholecloth and then machine quilted to accentuate the sections (and make you think you’re seeing individual piecing.)Ellison Bay map circled

Ellison Bay: there is no place like the very tip of Wisconsin’s “thumb” peninsula that is part of the limestone ridge that forms Niagara Falls.   Door County is known for having the longest shoreline of any county in the USA.  Water, rocks, northern pines, unique wildflowers and cherry orchards; what a combination!

20150414-The Clearing 4 square-DSC08184 cr

Originally a venue for landscape architecture students,  the historic buildings of the The Clearing are now associated with students of hands-on-arts and skills.

Perry Paper Piecing

Perry PaperPiecingHeartlandATgmail Peggy Aare red

Lori Kennedy’s posting Sat Oct 10 2015 caught my eye and I decided to see what it might look like as a paper pieced project. Download the pattern for $5 by clicking here.  The pattern finishes at 12″ x 16″ and has 60 pieces.  There are no verbal directions, but I’ve given you several guides to should you how to piece it.  If you get stuck just email me.   The colors are numbered, but you select your own tones…  you’ll have to have a handful of skin colors, and a couple of shades for her blouse, but nothing’s hard and fast.   I hope you enjoy it.

Quilty impressions of last night’s fireworks

Just enjoy.

Just enjoy… Or order the pattern

Our small towns stagger their fireworks displays so we all get to enjoy more than one night of beautiful patriotic magic.

Last night I stood on  the edge of a millpond with a parent and child in front of me.  It couldn’t have been more moving.   I hope you all have a chance to reflect on this fourth of July, where ever you may be.

–Peggy Aare–   Email me at

Eagle quilt pattern

Now to do some free motion quilting

Now to do some free motion quilting

I posted this design a year ago, and now have the pattern available for you all  ($5).

Included is a one page picture, a color chart (but not sorted by shades), a paper piecing sequence map, a line drawing on one page for you to try out your own colors, (or to resize as you want) and a full size line drawing on a bunch of sheets, and more pages that have the paper piecing blocks in reverse that I suggest you print on freezer paper for using the fold-back method.  There are no written instructions, but you can always write to me with questions at   The pattern will give you an eagle that is about 24″ left-to-right, on a background that’s about 48″ wide.   I have eliminated a good number of pages of background since at that size, they’d just print out as blank pieces of paper, but that means you are going to have to extend some background lines to make the width and height you really want.

I stitched the sample above to accentuate the individual piecing.   Generally I would free motion stitch the background to hide the seams in the background rather than showing them off.

Please let me know how it goes…  and what you’d like next, or like done differently.  I have much respect for all the talent and experience you all come with.  — Peggy