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Owl quilt cheater fabric or piecing pattern

Owl Cheaters

I offered this owl as a paper-pieced pattern and now have made it available printed as a 42″wide x 36″ cheater panel for a quicker project.   The cheater printed as above, left, looks like it is assembled from individual triangles, but is actually whole-cloth.    You can create a  delightful piece by top-stitching on what appear to be the seam lines.

Add your own matching fabric to create a full sized quilt as in this mockup:


Great horned Owl, pieced or cheated.

Spoonflower is doing the printing… just ask them for 100% cotton ($17.50 per yard + $3 shipping) or Kona 100% cotton for $1.50/yd more.  You can see that the top photos are brighter than the lower mock-up.  I’ve adjusted colors for Spoonflower because the the cotton product never looks as bright as what you see on your back-lit computer screen, so to compensate, I need to send them a palette that looks brighter than I expect for the cotton outcome.   Make sense?    It doesn’t really matter to you;  just wait till you get the panel (about two weeks) to select your matching fabric.

So what’s the top RIGHT photo?   Spoonflower lets YOU adjust the number of owls that you want running across the width of the fabric.    The large owl on the left is made of 4″ triangles.  If you click on Spoonflower’s DesignSize button, you can print the owl smaller, smaller, smaller,… the one on the right is made of 1″ triangles.     If you are new to Spoonflower, or to cheaters, just ask Spoonflower for an 8″ x 8″ sample in whatever owl-size you choose and they’ll send it out to you, including postage for $6.   If you go no farther than that you’ll can make a delightful hot pad or mug rug and feel like you are on the cutting edge (no pun, of course) of technology.


Peggy   ………  email me at


2 thoughts on “Owl quilt cheater fabric or piecing pattern

  1. Hi Peggy.I love your work!
    I would love to purchase the cheater cloth of the Owl. My daughter collects owls. This would make a fast and easy lap quilt for her for her birthday in July.
    Aileen in Florida

  2. Hi Aileen,
    I’m delighted you like the owl. The link to buy the printed fabric is right in the text of the posting above. You can choose regular or Kona Cotton and will be ordering a full yard at the scale I’ve set. Let me know if you need some guidance using the Spponflower site. The printed fabric will not appear as bright as it dies on your computer screen because, of course, it is not back lit.
    cheers, Peggy

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