Printing on freezer paper.. tutorial

Freezer paper taxi

To print on freezer paper by sending it through your computer’s printer (not laser, though), you’ll need to make a “taxi” . Just tape a standard piece of paper to your freezer paper to cover the slippery side of the freezer paper. Align the top edges of the two papers and wrap a couple of  1″ hinges of tape over the top edge. This taxi can be reused several times with luck.

Score with dull knife

Score along all seam lines ALL THE WAY across the pattern even if the seam line doesn’t actually continue. This makes folding much easier later. Use a dull butter knife or the back of an old seam ripper.

Crease along all lines

Crease along all the lines. Again, this makes it easier later.

Crease along ALL lines

Here is the pattern scored and creased. Now you are ready to begin with the fabric.

7 thoughts on “Printing on freezer paper.. tutorial

  1. Thank you for the visual PP method of using freezer paper. I have downloaded quite a few PP projects from Lori’s Inbox Jaunt.

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