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Nutcracker Leap paper piecing pattern

$5.50 Leaping Nutcracker as a companion to the 10″ tall Standing Nutcracker.

Here’s a bit of fun. The previous staid nutcracker pattern is now being joined by a leaping comrade. Perhaps it’s not yet time for a full blown celebration, covid-wise, but at this time in late January the days are perceptibly longer than in dark December, so I’ll take joy where it comes! Add a little celebration to your life with this companion to the 10″ tall x 5-3/4″ wide nutcrackers with the matching leaping nutcracker 9″ tall x 11″ wide, perfect for a pillow, place mat, table runner, or purse.  Paper Piecing is an easy way to use forms and angles not ususally found in geometric quilting blocks. Using folded-back freezer paper makes alignment easy without having the tear-off mess at the end.

PaperPieced leaping nutcracker
PaperPieced Leaping nutcracker on a pillow

The $5.50 pattern includes a color chart and three pages of paper piecing elements .   Download it for an evening of fun. It’s slightly more complex because of the angles than the original standing version, but still a quick one to assemble. Colors required are 3 reds, 2 skins tones, one for the hair, two darks for the boots, one color for the pants, and one for the epaulets.

The nutcracker is 9″ tall and 11″ wide. You’ll want to add more background beneath the leaping one if you are using them in a line with the standing version. Click for previous nutcracker posting.

Buy the download link to print the jumping nutcracker for $5.50 by clicking here.

Buy the download link to print the original standing nutcracker for $5 by clicking here.

You’ll be directed to Paypal where you may use any charge card. Do download the pattern and save it within a day or so. The pattern is such that you may print it on freezer paper for ironing on to the backside of fabric. The freezer paper will re-stick about 4 or 5 times.


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