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Paper-Pieced Carnation-Lily Girls

This delightful pattern is based on John Singer Sargent’s wonderful Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, painted in a garden at twilight for only about 15 minutes at a time when the light was just right. The painting took a year to complete Hear more about the painting here: or read what wiki has to say here,_Lily,_Lily,_Rose

Order this $8.50 pattern to make a 30″ tall wall hanging. It measures 26″ full width, or cut it down in width from the left, as did Sargent himself with the original oil.

It comes with a color chart for the 13 colors, an exploded assembly diagram, and 12 pages to print on freezer paper, ( or 9 if you wish to trim the left to make a rectangle plus general and specific instruction sheets.

Write to me at PaperPiecingheartlandATgmailDOTcom if you would like color charts for the green or lavender alternate color schemes.

Download via this link for CarnationLily Payment is via charge card or Paypal and you will be given a link for an immediate download to save on your computer to print later. Do download it the same day


— Peggy Aare

2 thoughts on “Paper-Pieced Carnation-Lily Girls

    • Yes, certainly. That’s the most fun of all. I need to start with a relatively high contrasting photo (avoid anything low contrast like a brown bird sitting in a bush! ). Drop me a note at and tell me what you have in mind. — Here are 4 examples of the wide range of things I’ve done: a wedding dress, kids running on a beach, a swimming pool, and a military helicopter. If you’re going to spend time on a project for someone, you might as well really make it personal and memorable. Peggy

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