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Story Quilt pattern and game rules

Create this quilt to trigger imaginative story telling either with or without a second person “playing.” There are all sorts of ways to use this quilt if you create this combination of an I-Spy quilt with the rules of Calvin and Hobbes’ Calvinball.* Start with your stash, or ask your guild to send you scrap fabric squares that fit a theme: I asked my guild members to give me 5″ squares that depicted either a destination, a vehicle or conveyance, or something you would take with you on a trip. I received wonderfully diverse fabric scraps and it was a great way for our guild to connect via snail mail.

Write to me, Peggy Aare, at for the $8 Story Quilt directions for the blocks and pathways, rules for playing 18 different ways, and free motion quilting patterns for cars and trucks and traffic signs. These last are simply hand drawn from my quilting so I suggest you also look at their inspiration at

The paperpieced border letters can be found at the previous post.

Cheers, Peggy Aare

*Note: Bill Watterson’s Calvinball‘s only permanent rule was that it could never be played the same way twice. Here are examples of rules for individual games: Boomerang Zone, Slow motion Zone, and Poem Recitation.

PS. Don’t forget a checkerboard on the back side.

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