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Let Your Light So Shine — Santa Paper Piecing design process

Paper piecing lets me make sure that the quilts I produce have personal meaning. I love this paper pieced Santa $9 pattern (makes a 15″ x 15″ square, or if you add a bit more background, a quilted lined bag) because it started long ago with a “mid-century” candlestick that my mom brought out during the Christmas season.

My designs start with a sketch, playing with light and angles.

The pattern comes as a PDF download for you to print: 4 pages for the Santa and 4 more pages to cover the straps and wider belly of the bag if you are going that route.. There’s a color chart and a piecing sequence diagram and some written guidelines to make a total of 12 pages in the download file.

So give this little fellow a try and bring some light and some smiles into the world. Click here for pattern. You will be directed to Paypal where you pay with a charge card and will be given a link to download and save the PDF pages to print.

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