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Scandinavia Gnome Paper piecing pattern

Gnomes on 16 in pillow with zipper

Last year these gnomes appeared here to wish you all Merry Christmas.  This year I have the pattern for you in two sizes 12×15″ and 24×30″

Buy the Gnome Pattern including 2 sizes   $8.

Make  them in reds  for the holidays, or fall colors on a hand bag, or the large version on  a couch throw to make someone smile any time of the year.Gnomes 3 color variations

The pattern is simple and can be made with or without the Scandinavian “God Jul” holiday wishes.

The simple and quick construction goes along these lines:large gnomes exploded sm.jpg

Purchase the pattern and download the PDFs for either or both sizes.  Write if you have questions.  And certainly keep me posted with your progress.  And above all, have a very Merry Christmas…. and keep the spirit throughout all the year.


Peggy Aare

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