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Ragged Sunflower — Paper piecing


Sunflower Peggy Aare PaperpiecingheartlandATgmail TXHere’s my Ragged Sunflower, which maybe should be in the category “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till It’s Gone.”  It’s that time of year here in the north when sunflowers have lost their summer colors.  Gone, as well, is summer itself, and perhaps gone, too, is someone special in your life.  This sunflower project will bring back warm memories. The Ragged Sunflower $8 pattern prints on 24 standard pages: twelve 2-1/2″ squares per page, plus a  color chart, and instructions for paper piecing.  The piecing technique is a combination of paper piecing (for each small square) and traditional 1/4″ seam piecing (to assemble the squares into the final project).  You can easily do a couple squares at a sitting without losing your place in the pattern or needing a design wall.  It’s a simple technique with wonderful results.   The finished pattern is 32 x 42″ with instructions to alter it into a 40″ x 40″ square. Perhaps the most difficult task is to come up with 7 to 9 yellow-to-orange shades– but what a delightful chore indeed, to chase sunshine colors as we move into winter.

As always when you purchase a pattern, please feel free to write directly to me with questions or for help if you get stuck.

Cheers,  Peggy Aare

PS.. On my design board:  I’m playing with this same sunflower idea but without a straight seam to be seen.   partial swirl SM Peggy Aare copy

PPS.  Marianne, this sunflower is for you.  Thanks for showing me the Adonispfad and for the hill of orchids. We will miss you always.



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