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Paper-pieced Fly Fishing quilting pattern

Fly Fishing paper piecing 3 color formats

Summer’s here, but with a bit of spring green yet in the trees.   This $8  pattern expresses the leisure of summer days like nothing else. Keep summer with you all year long by making this  77- piece project.  This pattern is for a 24″ wide by 30″ tall wall hanging but you can expand it to a quilt 60″ project as see here by adding simple borders:FLY fishing with borders colored sm

You’ll find the  pattern link gives you 15 pages in a pdf file:   color chart;  a single page line drawing for you to play with your own colors or to enlarge to the size you want; nine pages make up the full size pattern, printed in reverse, assuming you are printing it on freezer paper; and another one gives you the suggestion for the curved fishing line seen in the left-most of the trio at the beginning of this posting to stitch or for curved piecing.
The $8  pattern is  a single fisherman measuring 24″ x 30″.  If you want guide lines for the borders for a larger project, just ask.
As always, if you get stuck… or don’t know where to start, please drop me a line and I’ll help you out.

Enjoy …

Cheers,  Peggy Aare

PS, I was just looking at Spoonflower for one-off designers.  Search designs tagged “fish” and you’ll come up with some (138 x 90 to be exact) delightful ones like this one — the designer is no one known to me, just a cute fish fabric:BabysisterRae Rachael gilbert cornish fish

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