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Paper pieced “Girl Sewing”

Girls Sewing composite WisconsinQuiltingGilr Sewing composite WisconsinQuiltingHere’s my delightful pattern of a girl sewing that has been on Lori Kennedy’s .  So many people have enjoyed making it I thought I’d post it again here today because of a posting by James Gurney

Gurney was using the Danish artist Hammershoi to illustrate a point and linked to a BBC video on Hammershoi  (link to video) that showed briefly (at minute 13) this 1887 painting of his sister Anna.  All those links are interesting, of course, but what’s just as much fun is to see how people have taken that girl to their hearts and created personal projects… some using actual clothing in the composition as a memory quilt, some having the girl sewing material from a just-finished quilt of their own, some left-handed,  and one even recursively sewing the “Girl Sewing.”

If you’d to try one yourself, click for  the $5 pattern download link.   You’ll get a color chart and a one-page line drawing to enlarge to the size you need.  Although some have even done it as a 8×10″ project,  I originally envisioned it to be about 18″ square.

Enjoy the possibilities…

Cheers,  Peggy Aare



3 thoughts on “Paper pieced “Girl Sewing”

  1. Hi Peggy! Thanks for directing me to Gurney’s site!! I did try the link in your comment on his blog but there was no response. Would like to see the pix of other renditions of the pattern. I am working on a paper collage (for college) of one of Lori Kennedy’s Fine Art pix. Love both of your approaches to creativity!! Would also love to PP my own photos. Do you have any suggestions for books/sites for learning how to draw PP’s? Would like to do it for my senior art project but don’t know where to start. Thanks for any help!!

    • The last workshop I taught, I covered paper piecing design using just a paper and pencil. An artist’s eye is very helpful, but so is a computer if you want to change the size of the pattern easily and quickly.
      My background is in 3D CAD in the construction industry, so teaching what I know isn’t really possible in a posting, nor even in a week long class! Tell me more of what you have had for classes or what you intend to work on for your senior design project and perhaps I can still assist.

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