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Moose, revisited: paper piecing pattern

Moose Jan 29 2018 ssm

I’ve enjoyed finishing this moose pattern.. a combination of paper piecing and a bit of curved piecing or applique for the antlers.  I posted it earlier last year but have returned to it during this cold stretch we are having, to complete this 7-color 24″ x 36″ pattern.  These fellows are magnificent creatures, symbols of the northern stretches of  remote forest and bogs:  enjoy bringing it to life with a little thread and fabric.

Purchase the printable pattern with color chart, instructions for paper piecing, assembly diagram, and 15 pages to assemble to make the full pattern: $8

As always when you purchase a pattern, please feel free to write directly to me for hints and tips or for a lifeline if you get stuck.

Cheers,  Peggy Aare


(I corrected the above link error Jan 30, afternoon…. thanks to those who alerted me.)


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