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Charming paper piecing: Mom and Baby

baby 9 kona colors ssm

Quilting and babies go hand in hand so there’s nothing more satisfying than this 21″ x 30″ project to commemorate the new baby in your family.

Buy this 21″ x 30″ downloadable pattern for $8

The draped blanket or the mother’s skirt may be a perfect spot to use lace or satin from your family’s actual clothing.

Mother and Baby quilt LG
Add a few borders, a band of 3×3″ squares, a name and a date, and you’ll find you want to make two, one to give and one for yourself.  I’d be happy to supply you with a printable sheet with the name and date text (2-1/2″ high) if you’ll just drop me a note when you buy the $8 pattern

This design has 85 pieces and prints on 9 sheets of standard paper. (Freezer paper is my choice: I buy the grocery store 100′ roll and cut it to 8-1/2″ x 11″s and iron the top edge to a sheet of standard printer paper to run it through my printer.  I can get 200 pages from a roll that costs about $6)

Included with the download is a color chart with fabric estimations,  a single sheet for trying out your own color variations or for enlarging to a size that suits your own project, as well as assembly guides and the full sized pattern in reverse ready for printing on freezer paper.

Whether it’s a new baby to celebrate, or a remembrance of your own grandmother, this is a project you’ll love.

—-  Peggy Aare      (Email me at if you have any sort of question.)


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