Canada Moose


Though this pattern is likely to remain unfinished at the moment, I thought I’d post it as I am intrigued with the three sets of contrasts:

  1.  The combination of the blocky lines of the body and the detailed curves of the antlers
  2.  The unbalanced design with so much heaviness to the right and bright emptiness on the left.
  3.  The pale yellow and deeper turquoise — not typical moose colors at all.

Enjoy the weekend and remember that not every effort needs to end in a completed project to be valuable….

January 2018… but sometimes projects DO chug along and get completed:  Here’s the link to the $8 moose pattern, simplified to use just 7 colors

Cheers,   Peggy



4 thoughts on “Canada Moose

    • Annette, I’d be delighted to offer the pattern. It will be, for the most part, paper piecing, but the antlers are curved so you need to deal with them by appliqueing or by curved machine piecing. The pattern will be $15 because of the combination of techniques. The design is 24 x 36 but will come with a 8″ x 10″ “coloring page” that you can enlarge to suit your needs. At the 24″ x 36″ size, the smallest piece, the “beard,” is 3/8″ wide. If you would like pattern, let me know and I will move the project higher up on my to-do list!

  1. Hi Peggy,

    I would love to buy this pattern and want to take on the challenge of the curved machine piecing!

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