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Guild Project: paper-pieced skyline, final


Here is the final skyline project with the original composite photo of the actual street.

The 72″ long wall hanging is mounted on 3/4″ thick insulation board.   Approximately 30 people did the strip piecing, using folded freezer paper for the pattern.  It was a delightful project preserving a snapshot in the life of this town.   Since designing the project, the green awning at the far right was replaced with a bright red one; the peach awning just to its left  now is grey; and the shortest brick building at the center was painted all white. Small changes are noticed by everyone in a small town.   Just left of the center tree is a building with a yellow sign on its awning in the photograph.

dsc05178coming-soon-jon-bax-txWhen a year went by after posting his large “COMING SOON” sign with no progress, the owner slapped on “SOMETIME.”   Another year went by; another sign “IN MY LIFETIME.”    A little humor in this life is a very helpful thing.  So is connecting with people you may never have met.  Thanks for reading this blog and commenting when you have time.

PS.Maybe, sometime, in my lifetime, I will actually turn that skyline into a full sized quilt:quilted-skyline-contrastyTo bad this one is just a mock-up.  :)     — Cheers, Peggy


4 thoughts on “Guild Project: paper-pieced skyline, final

  1. Great finish!! Also enjoyed the sign,that’s the way it is with quilting every now and then… I still have a few maybe soons in a drawer

  2. Hi Peggy, Thank you for sharing this project. So interesting to see your method and it turned out so well. I, also enjoyed the yellow sign–I have a lot of UFOs which I would have to say–maybe in my lifetime! Thanks again.

  3. Peggy, thank you, thank you, thank you. You provided a free course on how to tackle this project. Wow! I appreciate your time, effort and your sharing of your talent.

    • You are very welcome, Lynn. I enjoy the design process certainly as much, if not more, than the outcomes. And I especially like working with my guild to see what I can pull together out of a group with varied styles, experience,… and seam allowances!. It’s fun to tackle something complex if you break it down into small enough sections and have people willing to give it a try. Let me know if sometime you have a project that I can help along….. Peggy

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