Group quilts / PaperPiecing

Guild Project: paper-pieced skyline, #6


These strips illustrate adding the third patch of the 2″ wide x 7″ strip.  Sequential patches are easy, but at times, one has to interrupt the sequence and patch a 2″ x 2″ square with smaller pieces before continuing.

At any rate, the individual strips were brought back by the guild members and they all came together with only a couple simple errors of reversal that needed correcting:dsc04774-skyline-group-strips-med

It did look like a jumble, as we were assembling it during a retreat, but slowly, the buildings began to be recognizable.  I’m lucky all the gals kept the strip names attached —  A1, A2…..   And because the freezer paper is ironed to the back side, we could pin  the strips right side up on the design board and check for color alignment.   And because seams never (or only mistakenly by a thumbnail) pierce the paper, the strips could be pealed off the back side in no time without tearing the paper.

Do you see the error?   Look at the top row, the 4th strip from the right.  There’s something not quite right about the rust colored strip in the second story above the windows.  It was easily corrected at this stage before the strip was joined to the others.

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