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Guild Project: paper-pieced skyline, #2


Here’s the technique I use to work with photographs to develop a piecing project…  in this case, a project for a number of people to work on together.

To develop this skyline piecing project, I took snapshots of the buildings from across the street: not one, but 5 or 6: one picture for nearly every building, directly across from each building.  I wanted a straight-on views with no angled shots, so I just walked along and took photos…. same lighting, same distance away, same camera settings.

You can the computer to “assemble” the photos into a strip, but the very same thing can be done by getting actual prints and cutting them  to make a strip of the whole scene.  You don’t have to really worry about how great this looks…. you may even have missed a section or have had some focusing snaffus, but no one will ever see this working model.north-main-piecing-detail

I wanted as many of the guild members to feel comfortable tackling a portion of the project as possible, so  really needed to keep the piecing as simple and that meant using squares as the basic block.  Not rectangles, not triangles, and certainly not whole buildings.  Vertical strips for this project was an easy way to divide it up.   I had 24 to 36 people who would want to be involved.  When I tried 24 strips, there was too much detail in each strip… too many windows, too many doors.    Thirty-six strips seemed to divide up the buildings better and gave no one more than one window to deal with.    So…   if there were 36 strips that were each 3″ wide….   that was going to be 9 feet long… too long.    Two inch strips was what I settled on…   thirty-six 2″ strips.   The project would be 6 feet long…. and   14 ” high.   Only 14″ high?   It seemed like it should be taller, but that’s what the proportions worked out to be.

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