Group quilts / PaperPiecing

Guild Project: paper-pieced skyline, #1


I really enjoy quilts that are the efforts of more than one person.   The variations in style, color selection, patience with matching seams, and fabric quality I think add to the charm.

That being said,  when I thought about designing a landscape/cityscape for a group to tackle,  I could just never quite see  how I could make it simple enough (to get it finished in the 3 month self-set deadline) and have the outcome as unified as it would need to be to produce a recognizable image.  But I did, and it worked.  It’ll take a couple postings, but I’ll show you the process and maybe you’ll be inspired to tackle something similar.

What you see in the above photo is the backside of the 72″ x 14″ project that was stitched  together from 36 two-inch  strips.   Each strip, 2-1/2″ wide x 14-1/2″ tall was completed by the different members of my guild.  (Friends, they still are, even after asking them to tackle this right during the past holiday season!).


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