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Nutcracker paper piecing pattern


Here’s a quick holiday pattern for you: a 10″ tall nutcracker, perfect for a pillow, placemat, or purse.  These fellows are simple enough to make in an evening with scraps from your holiday fabrics.nutcracker-pillow-white



The paper piecing is done in horizontal bands .. the legs, the body, the shoulders, the head and the hat.

The $5 pattern includes a color chart and two pages of paper piecing elements .  Download it for an evening of fun.

The nutcracker is 10″ tall and 5-1/2″ wide.

You’ll need two skin colors, two legging colors, and 2 or 3 coat colors…  some hair, boots, and gold epaulettes.



Also, here’s a hint: When I’m making several similar nutcrackers, I take some short cuts in piecing:dsc04888nutcracker-assembling-sm

For the legs and boots I make enough for several legs and seams — in effect strip-piecing  the shoe-top, black boot and light grey leg  (with  a second set with the dark grey leg).   That proved to be a time saver in an already fast pattern.

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