Harvest Time paper piecing


With the beautiful sunny fall weather continuing, the corn is dry, and field work continues apace… sometimes late into the night.  I find it interesting to play with color combinations, though you can hardly beat John Deere green followed by a red gravity box.

5 thoughts on “Harvest Time paper piecing

  1. Hi Peggy, Do you change the colors with using EQ? Thank you for continuing the Wisconsin Quilting site. Norma

    • Hi Norma,
      No, I don’t use EQ at all. I started quilt designing because of my background in CAD so I approach it with a different outlook. To mess with the colors this time, I took my design into PhotoShop Elements and adjusted the hues and intensities and contrasts there. It’s so very interesting to see how the brain interprets color.

  2. Thank you. What a wonderful reminder of late summer days when the air was still warm and the sun shone! Unlike today – cold north wind and heavy driving rain, with a very dark overcast sky – Yuk! Oh! this is the UK!

    • Toni, it’s inappropriately warm here today.. 70 F (20 C) when it should be cold and chilly. We did start out with frost this morning, so we’re not really fooled… just happy to have a gorgeous day and fading fall colors and the smell of dry leaves. Couldn’t be better. Peg

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