Surface Stitching a Cheater

20150319-TheClearingFour-DSC07912 sm

I was delighted to contribute this wall hanging to The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin for their annual fundraiser.   I spent a week there taking a watercolor class that has greatly influenced my quilting.  Though I did make quilting patterns of the iconic buildings and views, this is actually a “cheater” — with the pieces printed on a wholecloth and then machine quilted to accentuate the sections (and make you think you’re seeing individual piecing.)Ellison Bay map circled

Ellison Bay: there is no place like the very tip of Wisconsin’s “thumb” peninsula that is part of the limestone ridge that forms Niagara Falls.   Door County is known for having the longest shoreline of any county in the USA.  Water, rocks, northern pines, unique wildflowers and cherry orchards; what a combination!

20150414-The Clearing 4 square-DSC08184 cr

Originally a venue for landscape architecture students,  the historic buildings of the The Clearing are now associated with students of hands-on-arts and skills.


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