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Quilty impressions of last night’s fireworks

Just enjoy.

Just enjoy… Or order the pattern

Our small towns stagger their fireworks displays so we all get to enjoy more than one night of beautiful patriotic magic.

Last night I stood on  the edge of a millpond with a parent and child in front of me.  It couldn’t have been more moving.   I hope you all have a chance to reflect on this fourth of July, where ever you may be.

–Peggy Aare–   Email me at



7 thoughts on “Quilty impressions of last night’s fireworks

  1. For a pattern that is 36″ wide, the smallest triangle in the upper corner fireworks star is about 2-1/2″ long…. the longest triangle in that star is about 6-1/2″ long. Let me know if that size is appropriate for what you envision.

    • Also, Larain, I should say I like this particular pattern very much myself. To me the shadowy parent and child bring forth all kinds of positive emotions — I am very glad you like it too. Though without too much trouble you can redesign the pattern and use just the fireworks bursts. Do let me know how your version turns out.

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