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Eagle quilt pattern

Now to do some free motion quilting

Now to do some free motion quilting

I posted this design a year ago, and now have the pattern (updated Feb 2017) available for you all  ($7).

Included are three colorway suggestions, a color chart sorted by shades, fabric quantity estimates by inches of width-of-fabric,  paper piecing segments (reversed),   a full size line drawing (numbered and reversed) , and some written instructions about making the pattern segments.  You are always welcome to write to me at  if you need assistance.  The pattern will give you an eagle that is about 24″ left-to-right, on a background that’s  48″ wide.  You may extend the upper and lower pieces to make a larger finished panel.

I stitched the sample above to accentuate the individual piecing.   Generally I would free motion stitch the background to hide the seams in the background rather than showing them off.

Please let me know how it goes…  and what you’d like next, or like done differently.  I have much respect for all the talent and experience you all come with.  — Peggy

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