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Goose and Goslings Paper Piecing — Fabric lines

Goose Original colors

TheInBoxJaunt posted this paper piecing pattern of mine, Goose and Goslings, this past week.    I had been traveling and a little out of touch, so was delighted when I checked emails and found so many nice compliments.  One question that came to me was whether I was working within a particular fabric line.   No, not for this one.   Not one seemed to have the the entire sequence of blues that appealed to me (blue-gray with no hint of turquoise).  To show you what I mean here is that same goose in some of the manufacturer’s solid fabric colors lines.   Oakshott from England is first:

Goose in Oakshot

I like the Oakshott colors so much because they have sets of blues, for instance, that are woven with a second color thread going cross grain.   You will have blue/black, blue/green, blue/white, blue/magenta…   Take a look here at just their blues..  delightful.   PLUS, you can get the suggestion of an entirely separate color if you use them at differing angles.   The goose above is colored with only a partial representation of the entire Oakshott color line.   I’m simply not finished adding all their colors to my virtual stash!

The next illustration is from the Kaffe Fassett’s shot cottons

Goose Fassett colors

The Fassett shot cottons, again, give you a good chance to have two similar colors from one fabric depending on how the light hits.   Great, but like the Oakshotts, you can’t control precisely when one way will appear lighter than the other. Being Fassett, these shot cottons don’t have as many pastel shades as my color suggestions call for and are missing a light light gray. However, if I (or you) take the time work with the more intense colors that we love from Kaffe Fassett, (and add a light grey and maybe a brown ), it will be a delight.

Next is American Made Brand:

Goose AmericanMade colors

American Made Brand leans its blues more toward the turquoise shades which would work maybe better that the water shade I chose here…. it’s just my Wisconsin bias towards snow-blues instead of sandy-beach-Mediteranean-blues !  Don’t I wish!  And I know they’ve added a dozen more since I built my chart of 50 colors.  And I see the blues are there.

The final example is Robert Kaufman Kona solids:

Goose Kona colors

With 300+ solid colors, you can do pretty well getting the colors you need with the  Kona collection  yet still, I felt there could have been just one more brown…. :)   Actually, it’s a good artist-like feeling to have  enough of an eye to pick out shade nuances like that.

I can give lists of manufacturer’s colors but it’s still time consuming for me … so maybe I need to just give a starting point.. like the main color of the sky so you have a reference to begin with.    If you are really stuck for close shades of colors, search for ombre fabric like the type by Kinkame at Clothworks.




One thought on “Goose and Goslings Paper Piecing — Fabric lines

  1. Thank you Peggy , a wealth of information regarding fabric and happily I have several in my stash :) Will be ordering a ‘few’ more this weekend. Pattern is printed and mostly cut ready. Can’t wait to get started on your beautiful design…

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