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Great Horned Owl paper piecing


Great Horned Owl

This owl design of mine appeared on Lori Kennedy’s site a few days ago.  The pattern was inspired by her cute little free motion quilting owl motifs.     Owls!!   Everyone loves them  (except the mice).

To make one for yourself, download the 26 page  pattern for a nominal $5. The owl in the center without any framing measures 32″ x 28″… great for a wall hanging or for the center of a larger quilt.  Of the downloaded pages, print only what you need.  You will want the full sized line drawing to print and cut into triangular pattern pieces, and maybe even print twice,  the second copy to keep for a road map.   Included in the 26 pages are templates for the details of the head and eyes for a little applique work, a color chart, a template for the 60 degree 4″ triangles,  a single-sheet line drawing, and simple directions for adding borders to make a 60″ quilt.

When I am working on this myself, I print and tape together the full sized plan– usually in printed in reverse on freezer paper.  At this point I use a marker or colored pencil to scribble some colored lines across the whole taped plan.  This makes it so much easier to see how to slip the triangles back into correct position.    Then I cut all the triangles out on the seam lines and pin them back on the design wall.  I’ll take a handful to my sewing machine to paper piece.  Since, in this set of plans, there are no 1/4″ seam allowances added to the triangles, you must make sure to use your straight-edge-ruler to add those 1/4″ seam allowances when you trim after paper piecing.   Then re-pin the triangles on your design wall.   Finally, join triangles to make strips or blocks as you would for any other quilt.

This is actually not a difficult pattern because the triangles are all the same, and a very manageable size.   But if you want to try  cheater cloth instead, I will have it posted on Spoonflower in a bit.  With Spoonflower, I must change the colors to brighten them considerably from how they appear on the computer screen… so when I have that done I’ll be sure to post it.

Please don’t hesitate to write if you have questions or need help.     Scroll down on this blog site for some step by step tutorials on printing on freezer paper, and on paper piecing by folding back the paper so you don’t stitch through the paper.

Click to purchase and download the owl pattern.

Have fun, and let me know how it goes.

Peggy Aare



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