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Spring Crocus freestyle quilting pattern

 Here's a crocus pattern to bring spring to anyone's heart.

Here’s a crocus pattern to bring spring to anyone’s heart.  $5 will give you the printouts, templates, color chart, etc.  Have fun!

Here’s a project you’ll love to work on:  beautiful purple crocuses, appliqued or machine curved-pieced on a traditional patchwork background with paper-pieced or appliqued leaves.    A bit of everything quilty — Choose the techniques that suit you best. Or just play with the crocuses in your own design.  I’ve designed this  pattern on 2″ background squares, making the crocus group a glorious 18″ wide, but you can reduce it to what you need and simplify the piecing in the background, or use it as an applique on something entirely different.  It’s a “freestyle” approach.    Use Paypal or your charge card to download the all the elements of the pattern for $5  — 15 pages worth.  These thumbnails give you an idea of what to expect :

Crocus pattern pieces, thumbnails

Crocus pattern pieces, thumbnails

There’s a color chart, a suggested plan for sequencing your piecing,   full-sized templates for each of the petal parts, a one-page line drawing with numbered parts, and an eight-page full-sized line drawing for you to work from over a light box, or to cut into paper piecing sections..  There are no written instructions, as many approaches will work and you are best using methods that you yourself like.  If you get stuck, drop me a note at

Click to Purchase & download


Best wishes to all of you,

Peggy Aare

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