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Sunrise Beach Paper Piecing Pattern

Here’s a beautiful beach scene from an image sent to me from an avid swimmer in Sarasota Florida.

Sunrise Beach paper piecing

Sunrise Beach Paper Piecing pattern

What a beautiful sunrise!   Give this a try.  You’ll find the two curves are gentle enough to sew like regular seams and the color choices are very flexible.  The finished size is 18″x18″.  I have the pattern posted here for you to print. $5 covers my cost of having it online.    I suggest saving it and choosing which of the 13 pages to print to start out with.  The first two pages are the color chart, page 3 is a line drawing showing the named pieces.  Pages 4 -12 are the full sized pieces. The final page is a guide to the sewing sequence. (It’s that final page that will gobble up ink if you print it.)

If your computer doesn’t like that link, just email me at and I’ll get the files to you a different way.

 Click here to for the $5 download.

Cheers.   Peggy Aare


2 thoughts on “Sunrise Beach Paper Piecing Pattern

  1. Hi Peggy, I bought my copy of the sunrise. Can’t wait to get started. It would be really nice, if you could put more instructions on the pattern as to which sections to start with and which ones to sew together as well as the final size of the pattern. I love that you added a separate coloring sheet for my own colorway! Thank you!

    • I will certainly begin to do that. There are often several approaches to using the pattern as I have learned from you readers and will include those ideas, too in a text sheet with each packet of templates. Thanks for reminding me. What follows is a overview of what the patterns include:

      1. Patterns generally, but not always, include a 8×10 color page with numbered colors and an associated chart with those colors. Sometimes I convert those colors to actual Kona or American Made Brand, or Oakshott colors. Sometimes I organize the colors by the quantities needed, other times they are organized in color groups so you can see what you need, from light to dark.
      Patterns will include a line drawing without color.. Sometimes an 8×10 you can use as a coloring page for your own colors, and most likely also that same line drawing in full size spread across many pieces of paper. This is handy if you use a light box if you are ironing appliques together without stitching, or the way I use it as the second and third rounds of paper piecing once you have the initial paper pieced blocks assembled. You should glue this larger plan together and keep it on a design wall and then cut it for a paper piecing guide, or just use it to align seams as you continue piecing.
      3. There’s also likely to be a piecing sequence map… which visually shows which sections must be pieced before being sewn to another section.
      4. And there will be, unless it’s a curvy pattern or a very large pattern, individual full sized paper piecing blocks with 1/4″ borders.
      This is just a quick reply.. I will post, as a blog entry photos and more details of exactly what this all means.

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