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Free Paper Piecing Fine Art –Buehr painting

Buehr Design Peggy Aare

Here’s a charming piecing and paper piecing project for you.   It’s based on a painting by Buehr of a woman sewing and daydreaming.  Lori Kennedy posted the painting itself on the Inbox Jaunt a week ago.  The only really tight piecing is for the details of the face, rather like petit point.  The majority of the project is simply 2″ squares making up an impressionistic background. It finishes at 36″ x 48″

You will need a color chart for the  handful of skin colors,  four or so reds, and light and dark tones in the background.   Just print out the chart for the color suggestions.

2015 Buehr Peggy Aare color chart-2

You will need some piecing guides, so here are the squares that require paper piecing. — only the ones that need to be pieced — the face, torso, hands, and cloth.

2015 Buehr Peggy Aare line drawingt-8 pages

The following file duplicates those paper piecing sections, but the 2″ blocks are separated and REVERSED, which is helpful if you are using the folded freezer paper method.  It was a bit like herding cats, trying to get all the pieces where they belonged, and I wasn’t entirely successful so you will have a page that  has some scattered pieces. I ask you to refer to the above Line Drawing files for any that you need help with.

2015 Buehr Peggy Aare piecing squarest-6

Please drop me a note if you have questions about how to proceed or need additional information.


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