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Wisconsin Quilting Free Paper Pieced Wreath pattern

Wreath 2014 PeggyAare

Merry Christmas to you all, either in the midst of utter chaos, or enjoying the quiet.

Whatever the case, here’s a 20″ w x 18″ h free wreath project for you.  Just download the ColorChart below, and either the piecing templates or the full sized plan to work from.   Once you’ve printed the patterns, you can change lines as you wish if you want cleaner edges on the wreath.   You can also use Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s technique of “made fabric”  to assemble blocks from your scrap bin rather than using one color for the entire block.     Use the color chart to help place the darkest colors where they logically would be  — in the shadows — – and the lighter fabrics in the forefront.

If you want a smaller or larger project, use your copier’s scaling ability to print everything out at 80% or 130%, for instance.

Use TheInBoxJaunt’s free motion quilting’s pine bough motif or the snowflake to finish the project.

Have a very merry and blessed Christmas, everyone,


Wreath ColorChart 2014 PeggyAare


Wreath PaperPiecingREVERSEDTemplates 2014 PeggyAare


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