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Free Paper Piecing Turkey

Free Turkey paper piecing pattern

Free Turkey paper piecing pattern

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

To piece this 25″ x 30″ turkey, you’ll need a “floor plan” –same as the colored photo above-left, but just the outlines with the pieces numbered.. all on a single sheet to print.

And you’ll need either a full-sized 12 page version of that floor plan

or the 20 pages of paper piecing templates like you see to the right of the turkey above.

Since I’ve not included a color chart this time, just go with what looks interesting, keeping the feather tips very light and the next band very dark.  You can see that beyond that I’ve mixed the colors a bit.  If anything, there’s a tendency to have a little lighter shades on the right side of the bird.

My favorite (my ONLY) technique for paper piecing is by back-folding freezer paper.   You can look at the printing process and the sewing techniques posted previously.

Enjoy the pattern, and Happy Thanksgiving.

You might also keep your eye on Lori Kennedy’s for a second similar turkey pattern I created with fewer details if you want a light-weight bird, but in my house we always go for the 25 pound ones… sometimes two!


5 thoughts on “Free Paper Piecing Turkey

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  2. Wow! Absolutely LOVE this turkey!!! Since I have the family over on Thanksgiving, I’m always looking for something to make the day even more festive. I think this fits the bill. Thank you!

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