PaperPiecing / Patterns

Fireworks Foundation — one standard wedge

Fireworks single wedge photos of templates Peggy Aare

If you wish to work from a foundation for piecing the wedges,  you’ll have to tape paper together, so you might as well use the actual templates posted on the InBoxJaunt  here: paper pieced fireworks pattern and tape them together as above and then extend the lines even further for the tallest wedges.   The ONLY important thing is that the wedge must be 45 degrees.  You can make your own pattern if you have a large piece of paper to use.  Just trace the seam lines or draw your own variation.  You can adjust the height and width of the project, and you can even increase the center octagon for a slightly different look.

The full vertical Fireworks pattern is here..  25 pages to be taped together   for paper piecing the wedges and then assembling around the octagonal center.  The wedges are all the same except they are cropped for the specific rectangle of the Fireworks design.

If I’ve been successful labeling them correctly, each wedge will have and alphabet letter plus 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 to suggest the order of the piecing.

It’s a combination of paperpiecing and log cabin-type construction.


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