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Fireworks wedge sequence

Fireworks wedge sequence

Regarding today’s previous post,  “Fireworks,” for the InBoxJaunt people: all the wedges use identical templates, they are just cropped at their perimeteres to make a rectangle.

They are numbered in the order that I think is best D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 and D6

The center bottom wedge, “G”, contains an internal  piecing section labled “F”:.

Make all the wedges, thensew A onto the center octagon with an unfinished seam.. Then sew B onto the
octagon + A, then add  wedge C. etc.  When you add the eighth wedge, you’ll be able to finish that first unfinished seam.

The center octagon is tilted, making it less apparent that the wedges are symmetrical.


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