PaperPiecing / Patterns

Fireworks paperpiecing

Red White and Blue

For you folks the full paper-piecing pattern (25 8″x 11″ pages, reversed) for a 26″ x 34″ finished project is here:

Fireworks by Peggy Aare for The Inbox Jaunt, et al.

I have not made a color chart for this specific colorway but suggest that you just use this sketch above as a guide.    This rendition has symmetrical 45-degree wedges, but the color placement is anything but,  and the cropping also makes it look far more irregular than it is… plus, you’ll note that the small white octagon center is tilted, making it even harder for our brains to see the symmetry.   Each of the 8 wedges’ centers is a white or nearly white…. look and see if you don’t see the symmetrical forms.    Make each wedge, then sew the wedges on to the center octagon in a log-cabin manner, making sure that you use only a half (or “stopped” seam for the first attachment).


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