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Bald Eagle Paper Piecing

Rebecca Becker EagleRebecca sent this photo of the finished eagle project that now hangs in her home.   What a lovely tribute on this Memorial Day 2018 to share with all of you.  Thank you Rebecca.

Bald Eagle Silver Lake April 2014

It’s been a delightful (late) spring with the chance to combine photography and quilting ideas.

I designed this Bald Eagle paper piecing project from a photo of local eagles harassing a resident pair of osprey.

And here’s the pattern ($7). The right-to-left measurement of the eagle is 24″; the project width is about 48″.  It has 51 pages.3 color-way suggestions,   a piecing sequence map, and a fistful of pages that make up the full size line drawing, and another bunch that are the set of reversed paperpiecing blocks for printing on freezer paper to use in the folding method of paper piecing.   Please feel comfortable writing to me with questions about the pattern or if you need guidance in assembling.



9 thoughts on “Bald Eagle Paper Piecing

    • Thanks for the compliment. It was Lori Kennedy’s photo at that inspired me to try some curves which I generally find intimidating. A programmer has designed a piece of intricate software that I use. I find the learning curve is fairly steep once you get past the first stage. For the moment I’m just doing some projects for people to see how far I can stretch the capabilities. If you’ve got something in mind, let me know.

  1. I really liked your design you gave to the readers of Lori. I also like the eagle. Attractive.
    It’s a shame because I have not done joint paper with curves. You will have a tutorial with this seam?

  2. Do you have this pattern available for sale anywhere? I’m looking for an Eagle to make for my cousin who has a special connection to them.

  3. Hi Peggy
    wanted to start making your beautiful eagle.
    Where can I buy the pattern ?
    Cheers, Jacqueline

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